Gia Geguchadze: "Striving for Strengthening is continuous Process".






In winter transfer period, FC Zestafoni was the most active among the Georgian clubs. The team of Gia Geguchadze completely altered and mostly, added the players of Torpedo Kutaisi. Moreover, almost every player is well-known and are considered as strong players in our Championship.

World Sport talked to Gia Geguchadze about preparation process and plans:

- How does the training process undergo? There are only physical trainings or ball exercises as well?

- So far, less with the ball, because the weather does not favor us. We will train until January 30 and then will go to the meeting in Turkey.

- You will also have friendly matches before leaving for Turkey

- We will play on January 21, 24 and 29. On January 21 we play against Merani, the rest two rivals are unknown yet.

- Do you already know your sparring-rivals for the Turkish meeting?

- We will have 5 matches and 3 rivals are known: Romanian Pandurii, leader of Macedonian Championship Turnovo and Chernomorets Odessa.

- You have quite a lot of new players and I wonder if there is a position left which you want to make stronger

- We can say that the team is complete, however it is not excluded that we add another player. Might refrain. This is a continuous process, to which the club appeals to strengthen and for high purposes.

- This goal is to reach the top three and go through the Euro Tournaments?

- Of course. However, first of all we must hit the top six and then it depends on our points.

- You will have quite long chair and you will probably apply to the rotation principle.

- I am going to test every football player in the preparatory period and then, lets see how they will show themselves.

- Is there someone among legionnaires who would have to leave the team?

- As you know, the contract with Rekruk has been broken, and others are team members. Unfortunately, Our serbian player erbian Jelic has trauma and will join us at the end of March.

- You have worked with all newcomers and you know them well only Dimitri Tatanashvili is an exception. As we know, you wanted to transfer him in the past.

- Yes. I have never worked with Tatanashvili. There was a period, when we wanted to transfer him but it failed. He is very good football player and positive person.


Ilia Nanobashvili, www.worldsport.ge