Kokaia asked Zestafoni Municipality to take over the Club.






Ilia Kokaia, president of Zestafoni, is ready to give the football club to the Zestafoni Municipality with its infrastructure. The president of Zestafoni applied to the government with an official letter. Sergo Putkaradze, press attache of the club, presented this letter to World Sport.

The management of football club Zestafoni made a decision to stop investing the club. As most clubs are financed by local budget, we ask you to register Ltd Football Club Zestafoni on the balance of the municipality and this latter will become 100 per cent owner of the company. Please, inform us with your answer in the nearest future the letter says.

On Monday, May 13 fans of Zestafoni are going to hold a demonstration: Save Zestafoni.


Lasha Tabagari, www.worldsport.ge