Zestafonians in Tirol.





On June, 26 , Football Club "Zestafoni" have gone to Austria for carrying out the final stage of preparation for the second qualifying Round of UEFA Champions League, starting on July, 17-th. The team has settled down near to Sankt Johan, in the little place Fieberbrunn, in comfortable hotel "Austria Trend Alpine Resort".


Football club " Zestafoni " has continued the preparation for the UEFA Champions League. The club played some friendly matches with the teams preparing for the football season in Alps.


29.06.2012 "ZESTAFONI"- "Astra" (Romania) 0-1


02.07.2012 "ZESTAFONI"- "Lokomotiv" (Bulgaria) 3-2



07.07.2011 "ZESTAFONI"- "STEAUA" (Romania) 0-0


10.07.2012 - "ZESTAFONI"- "Slovan" (Czech Republic)
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