"Zestafoni" Beat "Metallurg" again.







Metallurgi - Zestafoni 0-2.

Three matches of XI round of playoff have already held at Super League. Intrigue is not dead yet: Zestafoni beat leader Metallurg 2:0 and is 2 points behind it (the team of Gia Chiabrishvili defeated Metallurg for the fourth time). Other two matches ended up draw.


Shota Grigalashvili scored the first goal at the 69th minute. Owonikoko of Nigeria scored the second goal at the 90th minute. 3 rounds are left and only two points are difference. So, nothing is decided yet.


Dila Gori beat Kolkheti Poti 5:1. It is worth mentioning that before the 88th minute 2:1 was the score. Mate Vatsadze scored double and he has already earned 10 goals.


Merani beat Baia 2:1 and Giga Zhvania scored the only goal this defender has scored 9 goals, including 6 penalties.