45+45: Two Different "Zestafoni".







“Zestaponi”- “Brugge” 3-3.

“Zestafoni” was scored three goals and it is too many for a home match. Though, fans applauded the club and the club really deserved it – for the second 45 minutes when the team of Giorgi Chiabrishvili attacked its opponent.


If we add biased actions of Austrian referee to it… it really had influence of the result of the match. When Nigerian Joseph Akpala scored goal he was offside and linesman should have seen it.

At the 18th minute, Jaba Dvali fell down after having contract with goalkeeper Colin Coosemans and probability of penalty was 50/50. As for the match: “Zestafoni” without Gia Geguchadze was unusual but as it was expected Chiabrishvili did not make any change in tactical outline. Edik Sajaia held the first match after a long time. Defense line of “Zestafoni” was weak.

At the 31st minute, Belgians made a good combination and Lior Refaelov scored goal 0:2.

When the first half ended up, no one expected that “Zestafoni” could have saved the match.

At the 57th minute, the goalkeeper parried the ball of Shota Grigalashvili. Soon, goal was scored: “Zestafoni” took a free kick, Aleksi Benashvili assisted Tornike Gorgiashvili who also assisted Nika Gelashvili and he scored goal – 1:2.

At the 64th minute, “Zestafoni” equalized the score. Jaba Dvali scored goal – 2:2 and it was impossible to stop “Zestafoni”. Players of “Brugge” lost balls easily. “Zestafoni” attacked its opponent but soon the club was scored goal. Belgians took a free kick and captain Carl Hoefkerns scored goal – 2:3. It was at the 73rd minute.

After that, “Zestafoni” scored the third goal and 3:3. Aptsiauri assisted Gelashvili who scored goal.

“Zestafoni” attacked its opponent though “Brugge” had better chance of scoring goals. Thomas Meunier kicked the ball but Kvaskhvadze parried it with foot.

Let us talk about the distinguished players of the match: Spanish Victor Vazquez held a good match from “Brugge”. Gelashvili, Dvali, Grigalashvili and Benashvili were the best players from “Zestafoni”.

3:3 and “Brugge” remained a favorite. The match in Belgium will be difficult. The team of Adrie Koster holds home matches better though… Koster stated that he is not sure in victory of his team. And the field? It was awful.

After the match:

Adrie Koster: “The first half was good for us and everyone expected out victory but in the second half my team did not play so well. When “Zestafoni” scored the first goal, the club attacked us with whole energy.

… “Brugge” is to go through the next round but I am not sure. Football is full of surprises and it was proved today”.

Giorgi Chiabrishvili: “We watched two different halfs. The most important is that the players of “Zestafoni” saw that they can play against such teams as “Brugge”. I think that “Brugge” is a favorite but perhaps, we can go through the next round.

We did not play well in the first half. The second 45 minutes were not ideal too but we played better. … and in the end, I want to thank everyone for your support”.

Europa League. Play off. I match.

18.08. 20:30. Tbilisi. “National”. 15 000 spectators.

“Zestafoni” – “Brugge” 3:3 (0:2)

Zestafoni: Kvaskhvadze, Gongadze (Benashvili 58), Sajaia, Kobakhidze, Eliava, Gorgiashvili, Dzaria (BAbunashvili 80), Grigalashvili, Aptsiauri, Dvali (Tsinamdzgvrishvili 74), Gelashvili.

Head coach: Giorgi Chiabrishvili.

Brugge: Coosemans, Hogli, Almeback, Hoefkens, Zimling, Refaelov (Lestienne 69), Dirar, Vazquez, Akpala (Meunier 80), Donk, Odjidja-Ofoe (Van Acker 61).

Head coach: Adrie Koster.

Goals: 0:1 Akpala (28), 0:2 Refaelov (31), 1:2 Gelashvili (60), 2:2 Dvali (64), 2:3 Hoefkens (73), 3:3 Gelashvili (84).

Booked: Dvali (30), Vazquez (69), Benashvili (90+3).

Referee: Herald Lechner (Austria).

Ilia Nanobashvili, www.worldsport.ge