Gia Geguchadze: "Zestafoni" Can Do More".







Gia Geguchadze - Head-coach of Zestaponi.

After the match of Zestafoni Sturm, head coaches of the teams held press conference for journalists. First, host head coach Gia Geguchadze showed up at the press conference.

Gia Geguchadze (head coach of Zestafoni): We had advantage for the whole match but after scoring goal we made mistake and our opponent use it. But I think nothing has finished yet our team will do its best to go through the next round.

- Unlike the match against Dacia, spectators watched a different match.

- Sturm is stronger team than Dacia. The pitch was in a bad condition and Zestafoni could not show its possibilities. It was very hot and players could not play quickly.

- Why did Zestafoni play all corner kicks?

- I do not think it had influence on the result of the match. We just had to score more goals.

- Of course, you will have to make some changes in the responsive match.

- Of course, I will do it. I am sure that our team can do more.

Franco Foda (head coach of Sturm): We had a good opponent. While the break, I told my players to play more actively.

Everything was going well for us in the first 15 minutes of the second half. When the score was 0:1, our goalkeeper left the goal and your forward could not score in the empty goal, we were saved.

1:1 is good result for us. I am sure that the match in Graz will be difficult.

- Of course, if you had been scored the second goal you would not have been so satisfied.

- I think that 0:2 would not have been end for Sturm.

- Perhaps, Sturm will show different match.

- Yes, we are in a good situation now. We did not have many players because of disqualifications and injuries.

- Are you satisfied with playing of Popkhadze?

- It was not an easy match for Giorgi. I think he played well.


Phridon Kervalishvili, www.worldsport.ge