Wolves do not Leave "Zestafoni" Alone.







Nikoloz Gelashvili.

After the match of the second qualifying round in Chisinau, champion of Georgia looked like a winner fighter who came out of wolfs lair. Players of Zestafoni were injured in this match and because of that some players could not participate in the match against Austrians. Temur Gongadze was disqualified and Giorgi Khidesheli was injured.


A good tendency is noticed in Georgian football spectators started going to stadium. When UEFA forbade Zestafoni to host Austrians at Davit Abashidze stadium, we thought that spectators would not have come to Boris Paichadze national stadium. Not only fans from Imereti region but also from the capital supported Zestafoni at the stadium.

Head coach of Zestafoni substituted abovementioned players with Aladashvili and Kobakhidze.

Sturm does not seem such team that cannot be beat by Zestafoni. Players of Foda will be orientated on attack in Graz. Tornike Aptsiauri played actively for the whole match. He played on right wing and wasted time in taking ball from right to left.

The players of Geguchadze could not use corner and free kicks.

Now, let us discuss the match chronologically.

The 5th minute Jaba Dvali made the first dangerous moment in penalty area of Sturm. He preferred assist to attack, opponent parried it easily but Murtaz Daushvili managed to shoot the ball outside the penalty area but missed it;

The 12th minute Aladashvili took a free kick, Oniani shot the ball with head and missed it;

The 16th minute Oniani took a free kick from 20 meters and the ball flew over the crossbar;

The 19th minute Patrick Wolf kicked the ball but could not score;

The 40th minute the first shot was made in the frame of goal. Gelashvili kicked the ball but Christian Gratzei caught it;

The 41st minute Shota Grigalashvili shot the ball from 30 meters. The goalkeeper parried the ball on corner;

The 47th minute Aptsiauri shot the ball but it flew over the goal;

The 49th minute Manuel Weber kicked the ball and Roin Kvaskhvadze parried it;

The 55th minute Irakli Dzaria shot the ball but could not score;

The 60th minute Gorgiashvili shot the ball but missed it;

The 63rd minute Dvali kicked the ball from 20 meters but the goalkeeper caught it;

The 65th minute Aptsiauri took a corner kick, Kobakhidze shot the ball with head and Austrian defender parried it;

The 67th minute Grigalashvili kicked the ball from 22 meters and it touched the goalpost;

The 70th minute Austrians took a corner kick, Burgstaller shot the ball but could not score;

The 74th minute Aladashvili was in the center of the pitch with the ball. He assisted Gelashvili who scored goal 1:0;

The 76th minute Aptsiauri shot the ball on left wing, Gelashvili caught it. Gratzei left the goal, Georgian forward kicked the ball toward the empty goal but missed it;

The 78th minute Oniani made mistake near the center of the pitch. Patrick Wolf shot the ball and 1:1;

The 79th minute Kvaskhvadze parried the ball shot by Roman Kienast;

The 88th minute Wolf shot the ball but could not score;

The 89th minute Austrian goalkeeper parried the ball shot by Benashvili;

The 90th minute Gratzei parried the ball shot by Aptsiauri.

The first match of the third qualifying round of UEFA Champions League

Zestafoni (Georgia) Sturm (Graz, Austria) 1:1 (0:0)

Tbilisi, July 26. Boris Paichadze, 25 000 spectators.

Zestafoni: Kvaskhvadze, Aladashvili (Benashvili, 83), Oniani, Kobakhidze, Eliava (Chankotadze, 88), Daushvili (Gorgiashvili, 56), Grigalashvili, Aptsiauri, Dzaria, Dvali, Gelashvili.

Head coach: Gia Geguchadze.

Sturm: Gratze, Popkhadze, Weber, Muratovic, Burgstaller, Kainz (Stangl, 90+2), Noifold, Ehrenreich, Kienast (Haas, 82), Foda (Koch, 83), Wolf.

Head coach: Franco Foda.
Booked: Weber (11), Aladashvili (22), Aptsiauri (60).

Goals: 1:0 Gelashvili (74), 1:1 Wolf (78).
Referees: Anastassios Kakos, Christos Akrivos, Christos Baltas, Anastasios Sidiropoulos (all from Greece).


Phridon Kervalishvili, www.worldsport.ge