Gia Geguchadze: "Dobrovolski Physically Assaulted Irakli Dzaria".







Igor Dobrovolski. Photo by www.sports.md

Unsporting fight of the coaching staff of Dacia Chisinau against Zestafoni ended up with physical assault of Irakli Dzaria, midfielder of Zestafoni, by Moldovan head coach Igor Dobrovolski. This conflict started on the pitch and then turned into the team fight in dressing room.


The management of Moldovan club acted very aggressively. They did not even congratulate their Zestafoni colleagues on victory. According to some witnesses, the conflict started in VIP-lounge

Gia Geguchadze showed up at the press conference after the match: It was not football it was fight. Our opponent was very aggressive. None of our opponent coaching staff has ever behaved this way. Igor Dobrovolski physically assaulted Irakli Dzaria. I cannot understand why he did it. If you are a good specialist, first of all, you should be ready for failure.

Dacia is a good team and these players could have reached their goal today. In spite of playing football, they played aggressively toward our boys.

You can look in our dressing room. All our players are so injured that we do not know what to do in other matches. It is a pity that because of unsporting tactic, events developed so badly.

As for injury of Giorgi Khidasheli, his knee is injured and it seems a serious trauma.

Five minutes after Geguchadze left the press conference hall, Igor Dobrovolski came in and Moldovan journalists told him the words of Geguchadze:

What can I say?... Everyone saw what happened. If my colleague said that I assaulted player, then I have a bad colleague. I even congratulated Geguchadze and then I felt aggression from the Zestafoni players.

- Geguchadze said that almost all his players are injured

- I do not know. I can only say that three players of Dacia are injured and I made 2 substitutions from 3 by force.

Zestafoni cannot do anything at European tournaments. We deserved to play at the next stage but unfortunately worthless team will play at the third stage

Zestafoni will leave for Tbilisi at 10:00 Tbilisi time.

Dacia Zestafoni 2:0 (1:0)

Chisinau, Zimbru

Dacia: Gaidukevic, Ilescu, Popovici (Pavlov 83), Orbu, Mihaliov, Stjepanovic, Dedov (Krkotic 70), Tumbasevic (Nechayev 77), Mamahi, Dimovski, Cojocari.

Head coach: Igor Dobrovolski.

Zestafoni: Kvaskhvadze, Oniani, Eliava, Khidesheli (Kobakhidze 86), Gongadze, Daushvili, Dzaria, Grigalashvili, Aptsiauri (Gorgiashvili 82), Gelashvili, Dvali (Aladashvili 69).

Head coach: Gia Geguchadze.

Goals: 1:0 Popovici (20), 2:0 Orbu (90+2).

Booked: Ilescu 50 Gongadze 59, Oniani 90.

Sent off: Gongadze 64.

Referees: Matej Jug (Slovenia).

Shots: 16 (8) 8(3), corner kicks: 5-5, free kicks 17-19.

Otar Maglakelidze from Chisinau, www.worldsport.ge