"Zestaponi" Again has Chance of Hosting Rival in Imereti.







Gia Geguchadze

On July 15 was held ballot in headquarter of UEFA and there was found out possible rivals of Zestponi in the third qualifying round of Champions League. Champion of Austria or Hungary will be possible rival of Zestaponi. Sturm Grazy won over Videoton (2:0) in the first match and it is more real candidate for champion of Georgia.

By the way in case of failure, the third qualifying round of Champions League will not be the last obstacle for Zestaponi this year. Looser club is given chance of competing at sub-group stage of Europa League for going through play-off. Supposedly Zestponi will not be allowed to hold interior match, because of security problems during the match against Dacia (3:0). But if government will be guarantee of secure maybe Zestaponi will be forgiven and given one more chance.

World Sport talked about this possible chance with head coach of Zestaponi Gia Geguchadze.

- Mister Gia, you have a big choice. Which is desirable rival Sturm or Videoton?
- ???I really do not have big choice. First of all we have to win matches with Dacia.

- Can you estimate both of the teams?it is clear that Austrians have better chance..
- I will refrain from estimation. We will overcome Moldovan obstacle and then I will estimate them then.

- UEFA punished your team due to spectators behavior..
- It is too bad. I understand that fans r excited with success of their favorite team and thats why they do not realize their bad behavior. I call everyone who wants matches to be held in Zestaponi, refrain themselves and share every request of UEFA. They are not limited, these rules of security are very easy to fulfill.

- As it seems from your talk it is possible UEFA to forgive Zestaponi one more time and to allowed hold match at Davit Abshidze in case of guarantees.
- All of us have big desire of it. As far s we know everything will be decided today or tomorrow.

- As far as we know, after the third qualifying round Zestapni has to host next rival at National Stadium.
- Zestaponi has to beat Dacia and lets discuss later where we hold matches and which club will be our rival.


Pridon Kervalishvili, www.worldsport.ge