"Zestaponi" Beats "Dacia".







FC Zestafoni reached the third qualifying round.

One more city added to geography of UEFA Champions League. Zestaponi (including villages population of this city is 78000) was given chance to listen to the anthem of league. Georgian spectators are not petted with watching such good football played by Georgian teams. Undoubtedly Zestaponishowed big resistance in debut match at Champions League.

The complex of class, mastership and lucky, champion of Georgia did not give any chance to champion of Moldova. Before the match head coach and players confirmed that our rivals were much more self-confident. But yesterday Zestaponi proved that multiplity of legionaries is not premise of success. For 11 Georgians team included 2 Montenegrins, one Serbian, Georgian, Romanian, Macedonian and Russian was not obstacle.

Supposedly guests will remember the first half for a long time. The 40th minute was decisive, Jaba Dvali former player of Daciascored the third goal 3:0.

Zestaponi really was leader in this match. Georgians used three of the attempts of scoring and scored three goals in the first half. As for rival, from the 14th minute to the 40th minute Moldovan team was demoralized. They kicked in direction of Georgian goal only once, but without any result. Jaba Dvali was the best among Georgians, at the 23rd minute he did not leave any chance to Moldovan goalkeeper and scored.

Nika Gelashvili top scorer in Zetaponi scored the first goal. Tornike Aptsiauri started combination, assisted Gelashvili and besides diving of compatriot Gamezardashvili, Gelashvili managed to score at the 14th minute. In the second half Zestaponi followed to instruction of head coach Geguchadze and thats why it was not difficult to keep advantages till the end of the match.

At the 84th minute, Gelashvili had chance of scoring hat-trick, but could not manage.

Dedov who appeared on the pitch in the second half complicated the math several times, but in spite of several attempts, could not manage to score.

As for Dvali, he could not manage to score but neither guests not hosts will forget his tricks.

In spite of everything, Georgian team will not have easy match in Chisinau. Yellow wolfs will not give up so easily. But Zestaponi also will use three-goal advantage.

The first match of the second qualifying stage of UEFA champions league

Zestaponi (Georgia) - Dacia (Chisinau, Moldova) 3:0 (3:0)

Zestaponi, July 13. Davit Abashidze, 4500 spectators.

Zestaponi:Kvaskhadze, Ghonghadze, Oniani, Khidesheli, Eliava, Daushvili, Grigalashvili, Aptsiauri (Babunashvili, 86), Dzaria (Gorgiashvili, 71), Dvali, Gelashvili (Tsinamzgvrishvili, 69).

Head coach:Gia Geguchadze.

Dacia: Gaiduchevici, Atanatskovic (Mamakh, 42), Gamezardashvili, Dobre, Dimoski, Onica (Orbu, 79), Cojocari, Mihaliov, Tumbashevic, Stjepanovic, Nechyaev (Dedov, 46).

Head coach: Igor Dobrolovski.

Yellow cards:Daushvili(24), Cojocari (57).

Goals:1:0 Gelashvili (14), 2:0 Dvali (23), 3:0 Dvali (40).

Referees: Halis Ozhaia, Orkan Aktas, Kemal Bingul, Hakan Kelyan (all of them from Turkey).