"Zestaponi" Did Half Job.




"Zestaponi" - "Wit Georgia" 3-0

"Zestaponi", leader of the national championship, hosted "Wit Georgia" in Imereti region. "Zestaponi" held the best matches before winter break. Nika Gelashvili must be distinguished from the team. He played a great role in success of his team.

In the first part, the opponents were fighting for the center of the field. Slowly, the hosts were getting advantage. Daushvili kicked the first strong ball toward the goal of "Wit Georgia". Dzadzamia managed to parry the ball. Yesterday he was the best player from this team. He saved his team from several goals during the whole match. But it was not enough for "Wit Georgia".
At the 10th minute, Lipartia shot the ball toward the goal of "Zestaponi" but Roin Kvaskhvadze played well. After a free kick taken by Kasradze, Chimakadze played with head but Kvaskhvadze parried it again.
After this, "Zestaponi" had advantage. The hosts made fast combinations well. At the 22nd minute, Gelashvili kicked the ball but Dzadzamia saved his team. After 10 minutes, Aptsiauri was about to score a goal but Dzadzamia still played well and parried the ball on corner. Babunashvili took corner kick. Then Gelashvili shot the ball with head and 1:0.
At the last minute of the half, Gelashvili showed himself again. Jaba Dvali assisted him and forward of Georgian national team scored the most beautiful goal - 2:0. The forward did his best in this moment.
In spite of 2-ball difference "Zestaponi" still played devotedly. At the 50th minute, after the assist of Gelashvili, Dvali shot the ball with head but Dzadzamia did not let the ball cross the line. Grigalashvili was trying to kick the ball again but Dzadzamia did well again. At the 57th minute, Gelashvili scored hat trick - 3:0.
Head coach of "Zestaponi" substituted the hero of the match with Tsinamdzgvrishvili who did nothing. Though, there was no need of it. The hosts could have scored more goals. As for "Wit Georgia", they did nothing special at the goal of the opponent. The fact is that "Zestaponi" really deserved the title of winter champion. If they continue this way, they will make their dream come true...

11.12. "Davit Abashidze". 1000 spectators
Zestaponi - Wit Georgia 3:0 (2:0)
Roin Kvaskhvadze, Aladashvili (Benashvili, 62), Giorgi Oniani, Khidesheli, Eliava, Grigalashvili (Pipia, 71), Aptsiauri, Daushvili, Dvali, Gelashvili (Tsinamdzgvrishvili, 61), Babunashvili.
Head coach: Gia Geguchadze
"Wit Georgia": Dzadzamia, Khurtsilava, Klimiashvili, Gogiashvili, Ganiashvili, Chimakadze (Janelidze, 36), Lipartia (Zakradze, 62), Giga Bechvaia (Koripadze, 70), Maisashvili, Gureshidze, Kasradze.
Head coach: Merab Kochlashvili
Goals: 1:0, 2:0, 3:0 Gelashvili (32, 45, 57).
Yellow card: Gureshidze (44)
Referee: Tornike Gvantseladze

Zaza Letodiani, www.worldsport.ge