"Zestaponi" is Leading with a 4-point Handicap.




"Wit Georgia" - "Zestaponi" 0-2

Such unexpected results have not been showed at the national championship for a long time. Last round of the first circle seemed predictable but the results showed that it was not so.

Georgian fans almost crowded central football pitch of Kutaisi and they watched unprecedented devotion of their team. Tengiz Chikviladze, former player of "Dinamo", advanced "Torpedo". But Cameroonian Donald Djousse restored balance after 4 minutes - 1:1. Both teams had chance to score goals. Nika Sabanadze ("Torpedo") kicked the ball but it touched a goalpost and "Dinamo" survived the loss.
Rustavi hosted the central match of the round. "Wit Georgia" Tbilisi hosted leader "Zestaponi". Team of Geguchadze won 5 times in a row (2:0) and became champion of the first circle. Later events advanced "Zestaponi" with a 4-point handicap during next 2 weeks.
"Olimpi" always had advantage in the matches between "Sioni" and "Olimpi". Last time when "Sioni" won over "Olimpi" was on May 23, 2009, (1:0). Temur Makharadze was coaching the champion on Sunday. After the loss (1:5) in Poti, Makharadze asked managers of the club for a 2-match break (according to other version, the coach was punished because of bad result).
At the 36th minute, after assist of Davit Bolkvadze, Irakli Modebadze scored a goal. Besides this moment, "Olimpi" had many chances to score goal in the first half but they could not use them. "Sioni" used its only chance - Revaz Gotsiridze scored a goal and the first half finished draw - 1:1.
The hosts had advantage in the second half. At the 60th minute, Vladimir Ugrekhelidze shot the ball and scored. After this Makharadze made substitutions but they did no good for the team. Now the champion is 5 points behind "Zestaponi".
Badri Kvaratskhelia had a debut as a coach in Poti. After losing against "Torpedo", he substituted Gocha Chikovani. According to the comment of Besik Sherozia which was made after the match, players of Kvaratskhelia made great impression on him. Unlike the last match, 4 new players (Alavidze, Babulaidze, Narimanidze, Dzagania) showed up in the main staff of "Spartaki". At the 83rd minute, "Kolkheti" scored a goal.
Like last year, "Zestaponi" is leading the championship after the first circle. Last year "Zestaponi" was leading the championship with 1 point. Now "Dinamo" is 4 points behind "Zestaponi". Last year differene between the first and the 5th place teams was 3 points. Now this difference has increased up to 8

Phridon Kervalishvili, www.worldsport.ge