"Zestafoni" Could not Climb Karpaty.




"Zestafoni" - "Karpaty" -0:1, Photo by © www.uefa.com

We can say easily that so many tickets has never been sold at the Zestaponi stadium. The "David Abashidze" stadium was crowded and it was important fact for Georgian footballers. Temur Ketsbaia was sitting in the tribune and it was another stimulus for them.

The match began and Georgian footballers made first attempt to score a goal. Jaba Dvali threw the ball from the center of the stadium to out of the line. Gelashvili outran last defender and fell down in the penalty area of the competitor. Neither linesman raised the flag nor the referee blew the whistle.
The match began in fast rate and it continued so. "Zestaponi" took control over the ball but Ukrainian shootings were more dangerous. Especially, Denis Kojanov was active forward among Ukrainians. Batista supported him well. At the 16th minute of the match, Georgians almost were scored a goal. Oshipko pass the ball from the left wing and Trachuk shot it with his head. The ball was thrown over the door.
The match lasted with bilateral activity but the mentioned incident slowed down the rate. Footballers had been in cloakrooms exactly for 20 minutes. The match was resumed by the attack of guests and if Batista, Kojanov and Fedetski could not score a goal they can only blame themselves.
Gelashvili threatened the door of the guests from 20 meters till the end of the half. But he missed the target. Another strange fact in the first half was that, guests had to make two changes because of injuries. First Oshipko was injuried, then after the crash between Zeniov and Aladashvili in the extra time, Zeniov had to leave the field and Sandro Guruli (he is Georgian) changed him. So, 12 Georgians were against 10 Ukrainians on the field.
Goalkeepers of both teams did not have to participate in the first half. It was the same in the second half. The footballers were reaching the penalty areas of the opponent team and somehow they could not kick the ball. At the 57th minute, Nika Gelashvili managed to kick the ball but he missed the target.
At this time, Geguchadze replaced Dzaria by Babunashvili. Soon after, he let Tsinamdzgvrishvili play after a 3-month rest.
It was obvious, that two equal teams were playing on the field. Guests were trying to suppress Georgian's activity by pressing. At the 68th minute, Kvaskhvadze caught the penalty-kick which was shot by Artiom Fedetski. At the 81st minute, Georgian goalkeeper obstructed strong shot of Guruli and soon after the attack of Georgians finished with missed shot of Aptsiauri.
At the end of the match, the host team attacked more often. Giorgi Khidesheli, Tsinamdzgvrishvili and Benashvili were the most active footballers. Benashvili almost scored a goal.
It seemed that Georgians were about to score a goal but they received it in their door. At the 2nd minute of extra time, fast attack of "Karpaty" was finished with a goal. Guruli passed the ball to Batista. Brazilian passed it to Khudobiak who let Kojanov score a goal - 0:1.
It is difficult to say, if not this goal how the match would have finished. But one should be said, it was not the best match of "Zestaponi" at the European tournament. Ukrainians managed to suppress the space for Georgians and without the space which Georgian club can play well.

05/08/2010 "Zestafoni" - "Karpaty" - 0-1



Pridon Kervalishvili, www.worldsport.ge