"Zestafoni" Is Demanded to Win.




Karpaty Lvov landed in the Kopitnari airport at noon on August 4 to hold match of UEFA Euro League the third qualifying round. The team stayed at Bagrati 1003 hotel and about 100 members of Ukrainian delegation stayed at the hotels of Batumi and Kutaisi.

According to the preliminary agreement, 30 MPs of Lvov City Council and fans visited Adjara seaside. The journalists stayed at Imeri and Edem hotels in Kutaisi. After managing accommodation issues and a brief rest,they went to Zestaponi Davit Abashidze stadium at 19:00. Considering interests of Ukrainian colleagues and World Sport, Georgian and Belarusian coaches (head coach of Karpaty was born in Russia,but he is Belarusian) gave interviews to media before training. Gia Geguchadze visited pres conference hall first.

Gia Geguchadze: There is normal situation in the team, everything is according to the plan and footballers are in a good mood. Only Gogi Pipia has health problem. He has high temperature and I do not think he will be able to play tomorrow.

-It is very hot in Zestaponi and the pitch is not in a good condition. Will this prevent you to play the football,which will help you to go to the next round?

-We cannot do anything against nature. Such hot weathers have already been for two weeks in Georgia and the grass, which was planted in the ground, has not grown up yet. One of the best loans are in Zestaphoni, but draught is preventing grass from growing up.

-I am not among those, who think that such weather gives advantage to Zestafoni. I think that it will be difficult for both teams to play in such hot weather. As the match is important for both teams, tomorrow footballers will do their best to achieve their goals. It is important for me Zestafoni to be the winner.

- What is your impression about Karpaty, which is ahead with 1:0 and what will be your trump in the match?

-Karpaty is strong competitor, but not so strong that cannot be defeated. I only worry about score,it would be better not to lose. To tell the truth, 1:0 do not give Ukrainians any advantage. I do not think that the competitor will play attack football and as for us, God sentenced us attack and attempt of scoring many goals. I am sure, creative footballers from both teams will be distinguished.

-Who is such creative footballer in your team?

- In fact all of them.

Oleg Kononov also gave an interview before train. Oleg Kononov: Our goal is to go though the next round as a result of two matches. In the first match we had satisfying result and will try to do the same in the second match. As I know, Zestafoni has also strong wish to go though the next round thats why tomorrow will be very interesting match.

- You are satisfied with the result of the first match. What can you say about the match quality?

-It is good that they could not score a goal. It would be even better if we won with bigger difference but the competitor did not let us do it. As for the match quality it was changeable. My team had a failure after scoring a goal. This failure lasted for a long time. Somehow it is the desert of our competitor that we could not score more goals. But there were some moments when they had a good chance to score a goal.

-Can you distinguish someone from Zestafoni?

-I cannot say that I am afraid of my competitors especially. We have such competitor that our whole staff should play carefully. Zestafoni is well-organized team and more or less all their members play well.

-What can you say about the pitch condition?

-The pitch quality does not look well. We will train and see but the pitch will be the same for us and for the competitor.

According to press office of Zestafoni, tickets will be sold from 10:00 a.m. on August 4. 1500 tickets were sold first day. It has never happened in Zestaphoni. Many spectators are expected to come to the stadium at 20:00 on August 5.

First guests trained on the David Abashidze stadium. Vasil Mikhailov, journalist of main Ukrainian sport edition Komanda, provide us with the information about Karpaty staff. According to him, Vitali Rudenko is not in the staff and he has a forgiving reason. His mother-in-law and father-in-law died in car accident.

According to Ukrainian colleague, Miron Markevich only called up Fedetsky from this staff in the test match with Dutch team. By the way, Ukrainians cannot hide their dissatisfaction about Dutch behavior, who are going to play with the second staff.

As for Georgian training, Geguchadze called up 26 footballers. It is natural, Gogi Pipia was not among them, who will not be able to play due to high temperature. Alex Benashvili is treating his injury. Besides them, all the footballers who participated in the last match of European Championship will play in this match.

Phridon Kervalishvili from Zestaphoni, www.worldsport.ge