Zestaphoni is Preparing for Great Football.




Regional center of Imereti is preparing for the third qualification round of UEFA Euroleague. "Zestafoni" hosts Lvov "Karpaty" ("Zestafoni" lost first match 0:1). It is the first time when this kind of high standard match will be held outside Tbilisi which means confidence toward to the owners of the club. Press-attache of "Zestafoni", said in the conversation with "World Sport" that UEFA had special demands for this match. These demands will be fully fulfilled at 20:00 on August 5.

30 stewards trained by new instructions of UEFA will appear in Zestaphoni for the first time. Number of parking lot will be increased to 100 nearby the stadium. A tent will be set up for photographers on the stadium. Press conference hall will include 50 journalists, number of seats for spectators have also increased on the stadium - 4558 seats will be on Davit Abashidze Stadium. Tickets for old and new seats will be sold from 10:00 on August 4.
Ukrainians will land in Kopitnari airport with delegation of 130 people at 15:00 on Wednesday. Team and service staff - 35 personnel will stay at "Bagrati - 1003" hotel in Kutaisi. 30 MPs of Lvov City Council will be among fans and they will live in Batumi. 20 Ukrainian journalists will visit Georgia to broadcast the match. As for other members of delegation, they are representatives of other fan clubs of "Karpaty".
"Karpaty" will start training on Zestaphoni stadium at 19:00 on August 4. After the guests Georgians will train on the stadium. Coaches are also planning a press conference. As for the match, it will start at 20:00 on Thursday and Norwegian referee Tom Sherven will judge it.

Pridon Kervalishvili, www.worldsport.ge