Giorgi Oniani: 1-0 its a score that decides nothing.




Giorgi Oniani

Giorgi Oniani, Zestafoni defender
Our main weapon is attack. We are trying to keep the ball under control and to attack constantly and variedly. I think we managed to take hold of the center of the field today. It will be easier in Georgia. 1-0 its a score that decides nothing. Our fans will come. You also have a decent support but that wont be the case in Zestafoni. Well get concentrated and everything will be fine.

Jaba Dvali, Zestafoni attacker
We knew that Karpaty is very good team. It wasnt going according to our plan during first half. We played better after the break though. Its no big deal that weve lost today. There will be second game, and we play stronger at home. I think well win in Georgia.