FC "Zestafoni"- SC "Faetano".




"Zestafoni" - "Faetano" 5:0

In the first matches of the first qualifying round of UEFA Europe League "Karabag" from Azerbaijan, "Zestaponi" from Georgia and "Torpedo" from Belarus have gained big victories and practically guaranteed to itself an exit in the following stage.


"Zestafoni" (Georgia) - "Faetano" (San Marino) 5:0
The match was performed without the teams injured leader Tornike Aptsiauri, the bronze prize-holder of the Championship of Georgia "Zestafoni" all the same has easily coped with the fourth team of San Marino. The double goal was made by Nikoloz Gelashvili and Jaba Dvali, and the point in a match was put by Tornike Gorgiashvili which was lead to the game. Visitors kept gate on the lock during the first 20 minutes, after Gelashvili performed a penalty, which itself and has earned. Repeatedly match turned to formality for Zestaponi". Its may already be adjusted on "Dukla" from Slovakia.


01/07/2010 "Zestafoni"- "Faetano" (San Marino) 5-0



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08/07/2010 "Faetano" - "Zestafoni"- 0-0



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